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1 How to Apply! on 2nd August 2012, 10:26

Make sure you have read Guild Rules and Requirements thread before
continuing.If you accept our rules and you think that you are fit for
requirements, feel free to fill this application form.
Copy this form and fill like your Application.

1. Personal Informations

Name :
Age :
Location :
Nationality :
Languages :

2. Character Informations

Character Name :
Character Level :
Character Class :
Honour Class :
Craft Set :
Amity :

3. Equipments

Weapons :
Helm :
Suit :
Boots :
Gloves :
Amulet :
Rings :
Bike & Board :
Epaulets :
Belt :
Bracelets :
Earrings :
Charm :
Pet :
Runes :
Blended Runes :

4. Informations About Your Past and Game Experience

How long have you been playing Cabal Online ?

In which Guilds had you been before decided to apply Berserk and why did you leave ?

5. In what Dungeon you have Experiences?

Altar of Siena B1F :
Altar of Siena B2F :
Forbidden Island :
Illusion Castle Underworld :
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall :
Forgetten Temple B2F :
Masquinas Outpost :

5. Berserk and You

Do you have any good friend in Berserk ?

Why would you like to join Berserk ?

Have you ever been in negative contact with any of Berserk members before ?

Are you a sociable and friendly person?

6. Additional informations (optional) :

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