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1 Sarcasm?bring it on on 12th January 2013, 23:17


1. Personal Informations

Name : Alexander
Age : 21
Location : Serbia/Hell
Nationality : Switzerland
Languages : English,Serbian,French

2. Character Informations

Character Name : Sarcatstic
Character Level : 142(atm)
Character Class : WI
Honour Class : 8
Craft Set : amulets only

Craft type 1: lvl and % none to all(since new craft system has arrived)
Craft type 2: lvl and % /
Craft type 3: lvl and %/
Craft type 4: lvl and %/
Basic Craft: lvl and %/

3. Equipments

Weapons : mith orb 2 slot/ sig orb 1slot
Helm : sig db
Suit : osm amp
Boots : mystic amp
Gloves : mystic amp
Amulet : of pain +5
Rings : of sage/crit's+1
Bike & Board : none
Epaulets : eos6
Belt : of damp
Bracelets : of sage +4
Earrings : vampiric
Pet : yes,Cutie lai(lvl 5)
Runes : party exp,def rate,exp rate,resist down,INT,mAMP
Blended Runes : none

4. Informations About Your Past and Game Experience

How long have you been playing Cabal Online ? honestly,about 7-8 years,i think,since Lost World patch on US server(Venus)

In which Guilds had you been before decided to apply Berserk and why did you leave ? i was in friends guild Sky(Disdbanded),PovratakOtpisanih(lot of cheaters like CodeTR),thats it.

5. In what Dungeon you have Experiences?

Altar of Siena B1F : done
Altar of Siena B2F : done
Forbidden Island : done
Illusion Castle Underworld : done
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall : done
Forgetten Temple B2F : done

5. Berserk and You

Do you have any good friend in Berserk ? i know Fabu only thru game as FabuLighting

Why would you like to join Berserk ? to make friends,to help as much as i can,to make some epic party dung runs,and more.

Have you ever been in negative contact with any of Berserk members before ? No.I not person with bad attitude.

Are you a sociable and friendly person? You can test as much you want hehe.Guess i am,since i can be bored lot of times,but who tha hell,lets make some party,cheers.

6. Additional informations (optional) : hmmm,since i got crapppppppppppppppppy gear,ill try to farm like madman.Anyways,im off 10hrs per day(work work),ill try to be online as much as i could.I like FRIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH,american football ofc and friendly fellas.
p.s my nickname is Tarantula,so.
Best regards,

2 Hello. on 13th January 2013, 12:33

Ok,whisper me when you`ll be online.
Welcome to Berserk

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